Cats On Tuesday

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Today I want to try ”A lesson in ABC”.
I saw it on Kjelle Bus webside. He saw it on Katies side.
I hope it’s okey if I borrowed the pictures. 🙂

Absence – We want our Mom to be at home all the time 🙂
Boring – Sometimes life is boring. As when our Mom got the fix idee to NOT shop for the hole next  mounth?!
Chock – We got a BIG chock. See post above.
Drink – Sometimes we need a drink to put up with Mom’s ideas.
Equal – We want equal rights for all animals.


Fabulous – Tha’ts us 🙂
Gorgeous – Well, that’s us too :-))
Happy – Yes, we are happy most of the time.
Independent – At least we WANT to think we are. Jump – We like to jump, everywhere.
King – That’s us in The Ligue
Large – Prinsen
More – More toys to us.
Name – Our names are Puzzel, Prinsen aka Tamlin, WhiteEar and Bandit

Opinion – We have a lot of opinions.
Purr – We do it all the time.
Quality – We are of excellent quality, all of us.
Ready – We are always ready. For play and food.
Sleep– We sleep a lot also.
Trick – We like to play tricks on our Mom.
Under – Sometomes we are under things.
Wonderful – THAT’S us 🙂
Xmas – We used to like Xmas with the tree and stuff. But our Mom don’t have it anymore. 🙁 WE dont understand why??

Yesterday – Is history
Zebra – We would like to have our own zebra. 🙂

Puh, we have done an EXCELLENT jobb.
With a small help from our Mom. 🙂
Have a wonderful day !