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  • Breathe easy treatment

Massage Starts with a facial and scalp massage with a selected blend of essential oils designed to open the airways and create a feeling of lightness, ease, comfort and deep relaxation, this is followed by a massage that balances body with mind and spirit

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  • Facial  treatment "super beauty"

Leave it to the skin professionals to analyse and prescribe the ideal facial treatment to achieve balanced and nourished skin, Dr. Kristine Shrammeck uses the richest herbal extracts in a vast range of herbal skin care including aloe and algae peel of masks, ginsend horsetail and aloe ceramides all designed to achieve a floorless finish, increase circulation and deliver a healthy glow … truly a herbal heaven.

Oily skin -antibacterial deep cleanse for normal to oily skin.

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  • Hot chocolate (chocolate massage)

Prepare to give your endorphins a boost, with a combination of two of lifes greatest pleasures,…chocolate and massage. the unique mixture of pure chocolate and oils not only revitalizes and moisturizes lack luster skin delivering essential nutrients but also leaves an invigorating effect on the mind…deeply relaxing and a great skin conditioning treatment. (H) (P)

Active ingredients 80% cocoa, 10% sheanut oil, 10% sweet almond oil.

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